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Hi - Thanks for visiting my web site.

I have played and collected violins and violas since 7th grade --- that was in 1956 or so.   I have played in community orchestras and string quartets since college -- that was in 1960 or so.  These include USC Symphony, Columbia Symphony, UNC Symphony, Greenville SC Symphony (9 years), Augusta GA Symphony, and various event orchestras.

I'm really a geologist with interests in environmental monitoring, uranium, gold, and rare earths.    But music is my passion, and fiddles are the tools of my passion.

Over the years, I learned to repair instruments, and for a few years I have bought and sold instruments and bows.

I have about 50 personal instruments, and also have contacts with importers of fine Chinese and European instruments.   I do not maintain a store front, and deal only within about 100 miles of Columbia, S.C.    Because I do not maintain a store, I can offer really good prices on instruments. 

You may contact me through the "contact us" page.  Again -  THANK YOU
I play in a local community orchestra  We are actually pretty good -- check the website, and catch a concert or two.

I am also in a string quartet called "simply strings."  Our website is at:  In the group photo, I am the guy with grey hair.

 I really like old-time and similar music.  I am a regular at the Galax Virginia Old Time Fiddlers convention.

My favorite musicians are too many to number, but include

Andrea Hoag -   I learned some really nice Swedish tunes from her.  For old-time, Rafe Stefanini. Also John Hofmann and Mare Holloway at Fairgrove Music  in Thomasville, N.C. --  They are great people and John is one of the best bluegrass fiddlers around.  And did I mention Anna-Wendy Stevenson?  Or Ruthie Dornfeld? 
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